Wood Pellet Grill Products

Savor the flavor and cook with a Louisiana Grill.
If you are like most people, you crave that real wood-fired flavor that Louisiana Grills barbecues offer. Rather than cooking quickly with gas, infuse flavor into your food with a grill you can purchase right here at MMT Heating & Cooling. We also sell flavored wood pellets so you can draw out the zest of your food, making your meal all the more succulent and savory. The delicious taste and ease of use is why people rave about Louisiana Grills & our customers opt for cooking with one versus a gas or charcoal option.

Louisiana Grills are the top choice of professional barbecuers. Professional chefs from across the world enjoy the overall robustness, quality and cooking ability of our grills.

Stop in to MMT Heating & Cooling, we usually have one cooking, and samples are available.

CS-680 "Cook For A Crowd"

Don your favorite BBQ apron and grab that flashy flipper! The Country Smoker 680 is designed with a crowd in mind. Whether it's the long weekend, a family gathering or just time to let loose, the CS-680 is the quintessential complement for all your 'cooking-for-a-crowd' needs.

WH-1320 "Whole Hog Smoker"

The whopping 60" long Whole Hog Smoker introduces yet another pellet fuel innovation by Louisiana Grills. The choices are endless with the Whole Hog Smoker, with two grills in one. Cook for 2 or for a crowd! Each side features independent burners and independent large capacity hoppers. Remove the convenient partition and celebrate your next major event by smoking an entire hog! True to its name, the Whole Hog smoker does just that.

CS-2400 The SUPER Hog

Truly an engineering marvel, the Super Hog is the premiere smoker in the Country Smoker fleet. Measuring in and nearly SEVEN FEET in length, along with dual feed systems, warming racks and chamber separator, the Super Hog allows you to cook two large separate meals or one colossal feast over its nearly 2400 square inches of cooking/warming area. Bring the whole clan, baseball team or neighborhood over to enjoy the bountiful harvest that the Super Hog will help you create.

TG-300 The Tailgater

The perfect take-along companion for your good time needs! With 300 sq. in. of porcelain coated cooking surface, you'll be the envy of the camp ground, RV site, stadium parking lot or picnic area.


The CS-450 enjoys 250 sq. in. of porcelain coated cooking surface. Not only does this versatile appliance smoke salmon and wild game, it also grills juicy steaks and slow roasts pork.


"Holler" for the family, call your friends, dinner is on! The CS-570 provides all the quality and integrity of our Country Smoker grill series on a convenient 570 sq. in. porcelain coated cooking surface

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