Air Conditioner FAQ

Our expert technicians at MMT Heating & Cooling know how to keep your Duluth area home cool and comfortable on those sweltering summer days. Review our most frequently asked questions for important information on your air conditioning system. Have an unanswered question? Contact us today for answers to all your cooling concerns.

What is the best way to conserve energy and reduce my energy bills?

Consider the following options to increase your air conditioning efficiency and reduce energy bills:

How often should I schedule maintenance on my home cooling system?

We highly recommend annual maintenance for your air conditioning system. Our maintenance includes a tune-up and cleaning to remove contaminants. Our technicians check your system for malfunctions and make sure it is operating efficiently. Tune-ups help you maintain a safe cooling system and extend its lifespan.

How long will my air conditioner last?

AC systems last between 10-15 years on average and can even last 20 years or more with proper care. With regular maintenance, we can keep your cooling system operating efficiently and perform important repairs before they become major issues.

Which cooling system is right for my home?

To properly outfit your Duluth home with an air conditioner, one of our cooling technicians will take measurements and listen to your home comfort needs. We will discuss your budget and assess efficiency ratings to narrow down the options and help you choose the right air conditioning system for your home. We can even help you save money by finding rebates!

What is the most efficient thermostat setting for air conditioning?

The most efficient setting for your air conditioner is the highest temperature at which you are comfortable. We recommend keeping your AC around 76-78 degrees when you are at home and bumping it up to 78-80 degrees while you’re away. Raising your thermostat setting by just two degrees can reduce your overall cooling costs by 5%.

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