Lumber Jack Wood Pellets

MMT Heating & Cooling is a dealer of Lumber Jack Brand Wood Pellets produced by Great Lakes Renewable Energy. These pellets are a green way to efficiently utilize burning wood to heat your home, patio heater and more. Take the chore out of chopping wood to heat your Duluth home and choose wood pellets—they’re ready to use as is. Simply pour a proper amount into your outdoor wood furnace or patio heater and let the heat begin.

Premium-grade wood pellet fuel is typically produced from softwood or hardwood sawdust containing no tree bark. This results in low ash content ranging from .3 to .7 %, giving you more fuel per pellet with a clean burn, less smoke and a reduced carbon footprint. By opting for wood pellets over chopped wood, you are reducing your smoke/ash emissions, saving yourself time and labor in chopping wood and saving money by choosing the all-around safer option.

Pellets are available in 40-lb. bags or one ton totes as needed.

We can deliver one to four ton quantities to your Duluth home so you’ve got plenty of wood pellets available for the entire heating season. Contact MMT for more information, our heating contractors can guide you through any questions you may have regarding your heating system and how to best reduce your carbon footprint.

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