What is an Outdoor Wood Furnace?

Tired of furnace and heating repair? Consider adding an outdoor wood furnace to your heating system. An outdoor wood furnace is a piece of heating equipment installed outside of your home that can be integrated with your current furnace, boiler or other heating unit to make your home more comfortable. It improves the quality of your home heating and allows it to be more consistent, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Outdoor wood furnaces require less repairs because there are less parts that can malfunction. They are also more efficient, able to heat multiple buildings and easy to service—plus most homeowners can utilizing their own land’s wood to heat their home. That makes it environmentally friendly, since using wood to heat your home is a renewable resource, which reduces your carbon footprint.

MMT is the leading authorized Central Boiler dealer providing exceptional heating service to our customers. We help customers all over the Duluth area determine which outdoor wood furnace or wood pellet burner best meets their needs before professionally installing it—we’ll even pour the concrete slab.

More Reasons to Choose an Outdoor Wood Furnace:

  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Smoke/ash is outdoors, not inside
  • No energy bills for fuel or gas
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms—no ductwork continuously circulating irritants

How does an Outdoor Wood Furnace Work

Think of an outdoor wood furnace as a wood stove that is located outside, and is housed inside an attractive storage shed. This minimizes the risk of a fire, while still providing quality comfort and warmth. An outdoor wood furnace is designed to work with any existing heating system. By using a traditional thermostat, you are able to maintain an even and steady temperature inside your home. After the wood is burned, smoke passes through the water jacket to convert the heat in the exhaust. A water jacket surrounds the furnace firebox and heat is transferred from the wood fire inside the shed to the water, which flows through insulated pipes to your home.

You can heat your home and your water, too. With a water-to-water heat exchanger, you can turn off your hot water heater and save money. An outdoor wood furnace is extremely adaptable, allowing you to heat multiple buildings at once. Whether it’s your garage, workshop or even your swimming pool or hot tub, you can heat all your interior spaces with an outdoor wood furnace from Central Boiler. You can even choose from a variety of colors to match the exterior of your Duluth home.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Installation Service

At MMT, our team of heating pros highly recommends Central Boiler products to any customers looking for an alternative and safe way to heat their home. Did you know that you can even have an outdoor wood furnace installed in the winter? The pipes are sealed in a protective waterproof jacket during the winter so there is no need to worry about frozen ground conditions or snow cover. Our certified installers will bury the insulated pipes underground once it thaws in spring.

Customers who have had a wood furnace installed say it’s one of the best investments they’ve ever made, since it usually pays for itself within the first few years and burns 30 to 50% less wood than other outdoor heating systems. When you need attachment parts, maintenance products or chemicals to keep your outdoor wood furnace running efficiently, contact the professionals at MMT. You can count on us to make sure you get the correct part in a timely manner. Call us at 218-729-1585 for more information and pricing.

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