10 Reasons to Buy an Outdoor Wood Furnace

An outdoor wood furnace is guaranteed to keep your Duluth home warm and toasty on those bone chilling winter nights. Here are 10 reasons why you should upgrade to an alternative heating source from Central Boiler.

  1. The furnace’s innovative design produces maximum heat transfer, creating a new standard for the wood heating industry. Gases are trapped on top of the furnace for optimum combustion and a water jacket surrounding the box allows heat transfer from all sides, including the coal bed.
  2. A large exhaust passage with removable cleanout reduces maintenance and increases airflow. The chimney exits out the furnace’s rear, eliminating corrosion often found in furnaces with top-exiting chimneys.
  3. Central Boiler uses spray-on urethane insulation to ensure the heat stays in the water jacket. The material is waterproof, airtight, secure and has the highest R value available per inch of any insulation.
  4. Few moving parts means fewer malfunctions and less maintenance. User friendly design makes ash removal simple—simply shovel it out the front door!
  5. The furnace’s insulated cast iron door is built to last. Central Boiler’s Cam Loc door closure allows for easy opening and ensures a tight, well-sealed enclosure.
  6. Central Boiler outdoor wood furnaces are constructed from premium-grade materials. Top-grade carbon steel and the protective waterproof jacket ensures long-lasting and reliable heating in any weather.
  7. Founded in Northwestern Minnesota in 1984, Central Boiler has become the largest manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces in North America. Locally-owned and operated, Central Boiler takes pride in our American craftsmanship.
  8. Take advantage of Central Boiler’s high-efficiency backup to order a dual fuel-ready furnace fitted with a fuel oil, natural gas or propane burner. The dual-fuel burner will automatically fire itself when the furnace’s wood supply is depleted, keeping your home warm even when you are gone.
  9. Central Boiler’s optional 25-year limited warranties are the best in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind with your new alternative heat source
  10. MMT Heating & Cooling features a complete line of Central Boiler parts and accessories available for purchase on our website. Bolster your outdoor wood furnace with the parts you need!
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