Duluth Heating & A/C Service

Why Choose MMT?

MMT Heating & Cooling has been locally owned and operated since 1993. We specialize in whole-home comfort—whether you need a furnace or air conditioning repair, or are looking to have a pellet patio heater or outdoor wood furnace installed, you can count on our team to provide exceptional service for your Duluth home. We also offer 24-hour emergency service to meet the needs of our customers—whenever you need us, we will be there.

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our technicians are up to date on factory products and are thoroughly trained on new techniques for repairs, maintenance and installations. We can also provide custom sheet metal for your ductwork design to allow for proper ventilation and desired airflow. Our shop is fully stocked with parts and materials so we are always prepared to serve our customers.

Because we are the leading Central Boiler dealer in the Duluth area, you can trust that our heating service and repair is second-to-none. Count on us for all of your home comfort, grill and outdoor wood furnace needs today. We are ready to help, Duluth!

About Duluth, MN

Did you know that the State of the Air 2002 report from the American Lung Association considered Duluth as one of the top 10 metropolitan areas in the United States with the least amount of pollution? When your home is serviced by the professionals at MMT, you can have quality indoor air too!

The coldest temperature recorded in Duluth was -41 degrees during the winter of 1885. An extensive climate-controlled skywalk connects the downtown Duluth businesses so visitors and residents can avoid the winter chill. This city by the lake has been praised by Money Magazine as one of the top four Midwestern small cities, based on livability. Since Duluth is a close neighbor of Hermantown, where our shop is located, we spend a lot of time in this city serving homeowners with our superior comfort solutions.

Heating Service in Duluth, MN

After over 20 years in the industry, we have serviced most makes and models of heating systems so you can trust our team has the knowledge to diagnose and repair the problem efficiently. Heating repair and service is what we do—from wood pellet burners to furnaces to outdoor wood boilers, we can do it all.

When you have a Bryant unit expertly installed by MMT, you can relax knowing that the unit is the correct size and efficiency for your home. This allows it to run effectively and can lead to energy bill savings. We are a proud Factory Authorized Dealer in the Duluth area—call us for all of your Duluth heating needs.

Yearly maintenance services are highly recommended to extend the life of your heating unit or air conditioner—doing so will minimize the need for unexpected and sometimes costly repairs. If you’re experiencing constant problems with your furnace or boiler heating system, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. We can help you select a unit that meets your budget and comfort needs—we’ll even help you find rebates to save money!

Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Duluth, MN

When you choose MMT for air conditioning repair, you know you’re choosing quality service. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and we know the cooling industry better than most. Count on our team anytime your A/C seems to be malfunctioning or if you suspect something might be wrong with it. We are skilled professionals and will handle your job with care.

If you’re wondering how to properly maintain your air conditioner, we can help with all of your maintenance needs. We send out yearly reminders to ensure your unit operates at tip-top efficiency and safely. Our team of experts will be there to maintain your unit with cleanings, tune-ups, filter replacements and more as you need them.

If your Duluth home is in need of a new air conditioner, call MMT. Our team specializes in heating and cooling so we can help you select a unit that will best fit your home. A new A/C can lower your utility bills and optimize efficiency with an expert installation.

Indoor Air Quality Service in Duluth, MN

Bryant has a product to solve any indoor air issue in your household. Whether you need a ventilator to introduce fresh air into your home or an air cleaner to reduce germs and allergens—we have you covered! When you replace your air filters regularly and schedule annual cleanings, it can improve the quality of the air inside your home by reducing airborne allergens and pollutants. Additionally, it can improve the efficiency and life cycle of your system by catching contaminants before they enter your system.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers may be used along with your heating or air conditioning system to balance the humidity levels in your home. Having too much humidity can cause mold and bacteria growth, while too little can leave the air inside your home feeling dry—which can cause sore throats, colds and even the flu.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Service in Duluth, MN

Looking for a green and clean way to heat your home? An outdoor wood furnace from Central Boiler is an all-natural way to produce heat and it works with any existing heating system. The heating element is located outside of your home in an attractive storage building—reducing the risk of a fire hazard. Using an outdoor furnace can also improve allergies and respiratory problems because it doesn’t affect the quality of your indoor air.

Since burning wood is a renewable resource, a wood furnace also eliminates excess harm to the environment—an average home could save enough fossil fuels to run an automobile for a year! With an outdoor wood furnace, you are able to reduce your household heating costs and virtually eliminate the need for a water heater. Call us today to discuss your options.

Wood Pellet Patio Heater Service in Duluth, MN

On a cool Duluth summer night when you still want to enjoy the fresh outdoors, a wood pellet patio heater may be just what you need to stay comfortable. Think of it as a campfire with a modern, stainless steel shell that works as an outdoor heater and is extremely safe for your family. It is simple to operate, portable, and very reliable since it doesn’t run on electricity or have any moving parts. Plus, you can take it with you anywhere! This eco-friendly heater is perfect for camping, tailgating and even a moonlit night on the beach.