Louisiana Wood Pellet Grills

Savor the flavor and cook with a Louisiana Grill. If you are like most people, you crave that real wood-fired flavor that Louisiana Grills barbecues offer. Rather than cooking quickly with gas, infuse flavor into your food with a grill you can purchase right here at MMT Heating & Cooling. We also sell flavored wood pellets so you can draw out the zest of your food, making your meal all the more succulent and savory. The delicious taste and ease of use is why people rave about Louisiana Grills and our customers opt for cooking with one versus a gas or charcoal option.

We stand by the statement that Louisiana Grills are better than gas grills. Gas grills are popular because they heat up fast and cook even faster. However, no flavor is infused into your food during this quick cooking process. This means you are forced to utilize a myriad of spices and sauces to flavor your dinner.

A Louisiana Grill will give you that REAL WOOD-FIRED FLAVOR you’ve been searching for, while eliminating the messy chore of wood chopping. Wood pellets are easy to use and easy to come-by—we sell them here at MMT. Choose from various flavors and bag sizes so you’ve always got your favorite on stock.

Because the air in the Louisiana Grill is forced by a combustion fan, you achieve even convection cooking with your new cooker. This eliminates the need for a rotisserie, gives more consistent cooking temperatures and allows your food to retain its natural juices. Plus, there’s a built-in thermometer you can utilize to ensure your food is always properly cooked. No more guessing and checking.

Louisiana Grills are the top choice of professional barbecuers. Professional chefs from across the world enjoy the overall robustness, quality and cooking ability of our grills.

Stop in to MMT Heating & Cooling. We usually have one cooking, and samples are available. MMT Heating & Cooling is your local, authorized Central Boiler dealer in the Duluth area.