Heating FAQ

MMT Heating & Cooling is an authorized Bryant FAD dealer and the leading Authorized Central Boiler dealer in the Duluth area. We know heating and we know how to maximize your heating benefits while saving you money. Take a look at our heating FAQs for helpful tips and information, but remember to call 218-729-1585 any time you have any concerns or questions. Our heating contractors are ready to help whenever you need it.

Is it a good idea to close off or seal heating registers in my home?

We encourage our customers to leave all of their vents and registers open. Closing off registers to rooms you don’t use often or don’t need to heat as much causes your furnace system to release air unevenly and overwork itself as a result. By leaving registers open, air flow is allowed to evenly and efficiently heat the house.

How often do I need to replace my furnace filters?

We recommend purchasing Bryant brand furnace filters to ensure you’re using a quality, efficient filter. Changing your filter yearly at a regular tune-up is ideal, especially if your home does not have many air quality concerns. If you smoke indoors, or have pets or allergies, we suggest changing your filter every 6 months to maintain your cleaner air quality. Purchasing Bryant filters through us means you are selecting quality filters that last longer than what you find at the hardware store—saving you money in the long run. Plus, we understand you want the best for your new heating system installation so maintain its efficiency with quality filters. We can help if you have questions about what type of filter you need, or if you are unsure of what AFUE rating yours has and you want to upgrade. We can help you find the correct filter for your system so it maximizes your furnace’s cycling and airflow.

Should I purchase a furnace/boiler with a larger capacity for added heating comfort?

Having a larger furnace/boiler installed in your home doesn’t mean your heating comfort will be any better. In fact, having an oversized unit in your home means it won’t cycle properly, causing negative effects like inefficient operation, more out-of-pocket costs—and a shortened life cycle for your heating system, since it will burn out more quickly.

Can an outdoor wood furnace be installed with my heating system?

An outdoor wood furnace can be easily integrated with any existing heating system. Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, our team at MMT can expertly install an outdoor wood furnace on your property to make your heating more consistent, energy-efficient and more cost effective. Plus, you can lower your carbon footprint by burning wood and wood pellets. Our Duluth customers report burning up to 30-50 percent less wood with a central boiler outdoor wood furnace. We are the leading Authorized Central Boiler dealer in the area so call today to discuss your options.

How long will my furnace/boiler last?

The average lifespan for both furnaces and boilers is about 15 years, though it’s important to remember that it can vary from system to system. As your heating system ages, it naturally loses efficiency, costing you more on energy bills. Its life span can be lengthened just by having routine maintenance performed to maintain efficiency and safety. Our heating experts suggest planning ahead for a system before you’re left without heat. We can help you choose a properly fit unit and one that’s efficient to maximize its heating benefits.