12 Reasons to Buy a Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace for Your Duluth Home


1. Firebox Design features like the Ripple Top and HeatLock Baffle produce maximum heat transfer. This design raised the bar—creating a new standard for the wood heating industry. The Classic outdoor wood furnace is unmatched in efficiency and ease of use. The exclusive HeatLock Baffle creates a secondary burn area where gases are trapped in the top of the firebox for optimum combustion. A water jacket surrounding the entire firebox allows heat transfer from all sides including the coal bed.

2. The Classic outdoor wood furnace offers an insulated cast iron door that is built to last. The Classic’s Cam Loc door closure allows for easy opening and ensures a tight, well-sealed enclosure.

3. The chimney exits out the rear of the firebox (eliminating the corrosion associated with competitor products with top-exiting chimneys). A large exhaust passage with removable cleanout reduces maintenance and allows natural draft to operate properly.

4. To assure the heat stays in the water jacket, Central Boiler uses the most advanced insulating material. Spray-on urethane is the best type of insulation available. It is waterproof, airtight, will not settle or shift and has the highest R value available per inch of any insulation.

5. Very few moving parts reduces your need for repairs because there’s a lower chance of malfunctions. An ergonomically friendly design makes ash removal simple—out the front door with a shovel.

6. Central Boiler maintains high standards ensuring their outdoor wood furnaces are constructed from high quality materials. Top-grade carbon steel ensures that all Classic furnaces are constructed from premium grade materials.

7. Central Boiler has grown to be the largest manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces in North America. The Classic has a 25-year limited warranty available, which includes a 10-year limited corrosion warranty, the best in the industry.

8. High-Efficiency Backup means you are now able to order a dual fuel-ready furnace that allows the furnace to be fitted with a fuel oil, natural gas or propane burner. In the Dual Fuel Backup mode, the burner will automatically fire itself when the wood supply in the firebox is depleted, keeping your home warm even if you are not there to load wood into the furnace.

9. Quality, durability, research and development form a very important part of Central Boiler. A group of highly skilled engineers and technicians is constantly testing, continually improving and always striving to create the best products.

10. Don’t be misled by inaccurate comparisons, Central Boiler is the company that sets the benchmarks for the outdoor wood furnace industry.

11. When it comes to installing your outdoor wood furnace, we carry a complete line of parts and accessories to ensure the products you need are fully stocked and ready to ship.

12. Central Boiler has been building outdoor wood furnaces in Northwestern Minnesota since 1984 showcasing the pride they have in their American craftsmanship.